What you should know

iLOVEit is totally free of charge! You will never ever have to pay a penny to use our services. You might ask why? It's simple, this service is for our community and we believe that our members should't pay for usage. All we ask for is to sign up and verify your account!
iLOVEit is secure. We will never share any personal details with third parties. Our databases are very secure and all personal data is encrypted so even our selfs have no access to it.
Simply go to our log in page and click forgot password link, we will send you your new, temporary password via email. At your next log in you'll be able to change your password to whatever you like
All you have to do is to email us with your request, you'll recieve an email from us, with the deactivation link. Simply click the link provided and verify your request.Simple as that! But why would you like to lieve us???

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